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Smoking accounts for 80-90% of the risk for developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Canada's fourth leading cause of death.

Diabetes is no longer simply an endocrine disorder; diabetes is a cardiovascular disease.

Smokers will likely try and fail four to five times before quitting successfully.

Although not fully established for Type II diabetics, experts recommend that Type I diabetics should be monitoring their blood glucose four times daily.

Drugs account for a significant part of the health care bill; they are still the most cost effective means of treating disease.

Antibiotics are highly effective in treating bacterial infections but they are useless against viral infections such as the flu.

SOLUTIONS in Health Inc. is a company of pharmacists, nurses and other health care professionals whose main objective in practice is to ensure that patients taking prescription drugs are in compliance with the prescribed way to take them. If drugs are taken as prescribed, health outcomes will improve, waste in drug plans will be greatly reduced making expenditures for necessary drugs more appropriate.

Value is provided to our patients by providing better health outcomes and preventing waste and abuse of drug plan benefits, ensuring that those benefits are available for all who may require them.

These results are accomplished through effective communications and partnering between the patient, the physician, the drug manufacturer and the pharmacist.

To be sure that we remain clinically current, our pharmacists continue to practice community or hospital pharmacy as well as being members in good standing in the following associations and colleges-

  • Ontario College of Pharmacists
  • Ontario Pharmacists' Association
  • Canadian Pharmacists' Association

We also communicate with the corresponding provincial associations when working in individual provinces


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