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Diabetes is no longer simply an endocrine disorder; diabetes is a cardiovascular disease.

Antibiotics are highly effective in treating bacterial infections but they are useless against viral infections such as the flu.

The inappropriate use of antibiotics is likely the major cause of the development of resistance to antibiotics by bacteria.

The Women's Health Initiative reported that hormone replacement therapy increases the risk of heart disease, the complete opposite of what was believed previously.

WELCOME to SOLUTIONS in Health Inc. and better health outcomes for you. Our reason for being is to ensure that you get the help necessary to get the very best results from your prescription drugs, regardless of whether your situation deals with hypertension or heart condition, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, depression or some other condition.

We ask that you take a leisurely tour through our website, ask any questions that you may have and be assured that you will leave here with more information for a healthier future than you had when you arrived.

Prescription drugs, along with the right combination of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, can be one of the most cost effective health interventions, if used appropriately and as prescribed.


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